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      ID: P2572
      missing picture!  7 St David Place - Parktown
      7 St David Place is a office park is located in Parktown. It is well located and easily accessible for both clients and employees. The office park is within 1-5 km of Gautrain and high visibility on... Read More.
      Commercial To Let | Size: 1011 m² | Price: R 89 /m²
      Commercial To Let | Size: 1074 m² | Price: R 89 /m²
      Commercial To Let | Size: 185 m² | Price: R 89 /m²
      Commercial To Let | Size: 186 m² | Price: R 89 /m²
      ID: P3397
      missing picture!  Cnr Boundary and Carse O' Gowrie, Johannesburg
      This retail space to let is situated in a large, modern building with security and parking space available. Public transport is available.... Read More.
      ID: P4133
      missing picture!  9 St Davids Place - Parktown
      9 St Davids Place Offices in Parktown St Davids Place. It sits directly opposite Wits Business School and is located in the busy business node with easy accessible from the highway as well as Sandton ... Read More.
      Commercial To Let | Size: 289 m² | Price: R 89 /m²
      ID: P4577
      missing picture!  27 Ridge Road - Parktown
      An imposing commercial building with office space available over five floors. There is basement parking available. The building is surrounded by beautiful, manicured gardens, and it is fenced off from... Read More.
      Commercial To Let | Size: 547 m² | Price: R 95 /m²
      Commercial To Let | Size: 238 m² | Price: R 100 /m²
      Commercial To Let | Size: 426 m² | Price: R 95 /m²
      ID: P4610
      missing picture!  Isle of Houghton, Cnr Boundary & Carse O Gowrie Ro
      Isle of Houghton Office Park in Houghton, comprises of multiple office blocks, each clearly and uniquely designed and distinguishable from the other by name, architecture and design. Beautifully manic... Read More.
      Commercial To Let | Size: 1073 m² | Price: R 94 /m²
      ID: P4667
      missing picture!  8 Hillside Road - Parktown
      This property boasts a popular commercial address in Parktown, with ease of access to Rosebank, Sandton and the bustling Jo'Burg CBD. House your company in these fine premises in a secure environment.... Read More.
      Commercial To Let | Size: 670 m² | Price: R 85 /m²
      Commercial To Let | Size: 964 m² | Price: R 80 /m²
      Commercial To Let | Size: 1354 m² | Price: R 80 /m²
      Commercial To Let | Size: 1449 m² | Price: R 85 /m²
      ID: P5615
      missing picture!  Empire Building - Parktown
      Commercial space to let in the Empire Building. There's much parking available on the premises, which fronts onto Empire Road. There's a Wimpy restaurant located nearby. The area is very green with sc... Read More.
      Commercial To Let | Size: 432 m² | Price: R 88 /m²
      Commercial To Let | Size: 262 m² | Price: R 88 /m²
      Commercial To Let | Size: 249 m² | Price: R 88 /m²
      ID: P6149
      missing picture!  2 Sherbourne Road - Parktown
      Located on the corner of Oxford Road and Sherborne Avenue in Parktown is this building that catches the eye of everyone. This building enjoys prime location, high visibility, ease of access from all m... Read More.
      Commercial To Let | Size: 450 m² | Price: R 110 /m²
      ID: P6222
      missing picture!  13 Wellington Road - Parktown
      This is a neat Commercial Property To Let. Theres a few Offices available. Its a large face brick space with underground parking space available. Its situated near the M9 on Victoria Avenue.... Read More.
      Commercial To Let | Size: 3300 m² | Price: R 101 /m²
      ID: P9940
      missing picture!  23 Wellington Road - Parktown
      Commercial property available with ample parking bays. Easy access to De Villiers Graaff Motorway (M1) & Joe Slovo Drive (M31). In close proximity to Wits School of education, The Donald Gordon Medi... Read More.
      Commercial To Let | Size: 364 m² | Price: R 140 /m²
      Commercial To Let | Size: 1142 m² | Price: R 135 /m²
      Commercial To Let | Size: 490 m² | Price: R 140 /m²
      ID: P10199
      missing picture!  19 Girton Road - Parktown
      This Property is situated in Parktown at 19 Girton Road. It's a small space with secure gates around the building. It's a neat facebrick building with ample parking space. There's also transport situa... Read More.
      Commercial To Let | Size: 254 m² | Price: R 90 /m²
      Commercial To Let | Size: 378 m² | Price: R 90 /m²
      Commercial To Let | Size: 114 m² | Price: R 90 /m²