Sceptics dubbed it a fad, but coworking spaces are here to stay, and they’re set to take over in 2020! Initially designed to accommodate entrepreneurs and freelancers, coworking spaces have taken millennial terms such as ‘collaboration’ and ‘community’ to a whole new level. Coworking has found a home in South Africa and entrepreneurs and corporates

  • Finding our Brand Purpose

    Culture, Social 0 Comments November 20, 2019
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    A couple of weeks back our management team attended a marketing conference in JHB where Michael Baretta, the keynote speaker, addressed a room of entrepreneurs about finding their brand’s purpose and of maintaining a purpose-driven organization. The goal of a brand’s purpose is to unite internal cultures in the pursuit of making a tangible difference

  • Business Live1

    Business Live Article By Nastassia Arendse 21 October 2019 After experiencing its worst year in two decades in 2018, the R565bn listed property sector has struggled to gain any sustainable momentum in 2019. Not only has a weak economy put pressure on share prices, but dividend growth is also muted. In 2018, the SA Listed Property

  • Co-working copy

    WeWork has arrived in the country and could be the rescue that both owners of office buildings and their occupiers have been looking for. The business, which initially started as a community workspace offering flexible co-working options to small business, quickly expanded to offer community-based workspaces to enterprise clients. Who do we mean by enterprise

  • Buyers and Sellers copy

    Over the past few months we have identified a definitive trend which shows that buyers and sellers are moving further apart. What does this mean though? Read on. There has been a noticeable increase in the bid-offer spread with purchasers bidding approximately 20% lower than the asking price of a given building. In the South

  • Womens day_

    Each year we see more and more powerful woman changing the commercial property game and cementing their positions in the corporate real estate sector. Not only are they effectively managing companies, spearheading big-ticket deals and driving PropTech startups, but they are also making a major impact on how the property industry develops. The number of

  • Interest rate Cut

      Earlier this month the South African Reserve Bank announced that it will cut interest rates to boost the country’s flagging economy. The new was welcomed by the commercial property sector and in this blog post our CEO, John Jack, shares his thoughts on what this means for the market. The rate cut by 25 basis

  • The Evolution of PropTech

    General News, News 0 Comments June 28, 2019

    Over recent months, ‘PropTech’ has been one of the buzz words of the moment. The reality is that technology is dramatically reshaping property markets throughout the world, with real estate companies being forced to quickly adapt to the digital age or get left behind. A recent article featured on Property Week talks about how blockchain supply

  • SONA 2019

    As with the budget speech earlier this year, SONA 2019 was always going to be a tough speech to deliver. Since President Ramaphosa addressed the nation during SONA in February, there has been continued negativity around State-owned Entities (SOE) bleeding billions, Eskom becoming an increasing threat to our economy, internal fighting and instability within the

  • Where to now

    The Reserve Bank governor recently announced that the repo rate will remain unchanged at 6.75 percent. Our CEO John Jack believes that the decision by the MPC signals further stability in the property sector. Here’s why. The announcement today by the Reserve Bank governor to keep the repo rate unchanged shows that there is some