Atlantis Industrial Space: The Revival Has Begun
November 8, 2012

The town of Atlantis in the Western Cape is finally being appreciated for its industrial potential.

Situated approximately 40km outside of Cape Town, it was founded during the Apartheid era a number of decades ago. Atlantis was built to fulfill two purposes – to displace residents of colour from the Cape Town metropole, and to act as an industrial and manufacturing mecca outside of the city centre. Designed with industry in mind, the town boasts industrial properties and plots ranging in size, with excellent supporting infrastructure such as large access roads and ample power.

Atlantis Dunes Aerial

An aerial photo of the Atlantis area, with the Atlantis dunes visible near the top right of the photograph (source:

Today, Atlantis is but a shell of what it was once envisioned to be. Whilst a large number of people were relocated to the area, industry did not follow them. This was worsened by the government-of-the-day’s withdrawal of subsidies designed to attract business to the area. As a result, the local community has since experienced a number of social issues, including severe unemployment.

But there is finally hope on the horizon as Atlantis industrial space has once again become attractive to the industrial market. A number of key changes have occurred over the years in order to achieve this. For example, the Cape Town metropole has grown significantly since the town’s inception, thus Atlantis is no longer as isolated as it once was. Our current government has also introduced new tax breaks, which has made it far more affordable for businesses to set up shop there. The renewed prospect of affordable industrial space and a large workforce within the vicinity is seen as a major benefit to industrial property owners, whilst job opportunities are being welcomed by a community that was cheated many years.

Whilst only 3% of Atlantis’ original businesses remain, a number of large, high-profile tenants have recently set up shop in the area. This includes big names such as Heinz Food, Bokomo, Telumat, Swartland, Mpact and Huhtamaki. Hi-Sense have also recently purchased a massive 40 000 square metre factory space where they will begin producing white goods.

This acts as confirmation to Galetti noticing a marked increase in interest in Atlantis industrial space. We expect the area to continue to grow in popularity over the coming years, and are excited for its future. As industrial space within Cape Town is increasingly being acquired at a premium, Atlantis may be the answer to the city’s future industrial property needs.

If you are looking for Atlantis industrial space to let / buy, you are welcome to contact Galetti and we will be happy to help find you the perfect property. You can call our area specialist – Rob Odendaal – on 021 418 6308, or 072 633 3711. Otherwise, you can email him at

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