Cape Town’s Spotty Dog Roadhouse: Then and Now
July 30, 2013

Cape Town’s Spotty Dog is a topic of legend. But what is the history behind this mysterious concrete creature?

Spotty Dog 1964 - Pat Chesney

The Spotty Dog in 1964, 13 years before the end of its life (source: Pat Chesney)

The original Spotty Dog stood proud at its home on the Main Road of Retreat in Cape Town. He was, according to an advert released by his then-owners, South Africa’s first canine-shaped roadhouse when he was assembled in 1938. He was designed for a Mrs Barnes with the official designated usage of a “hot dog saloon,” but over the years his duties morphed and at one point he was even used as a vendor of fruit and vegetables. For a period of time he boasted his own kennel, but in 1977 an unfortunate collision with a truck resulted in irreparable damage to his facial structure and the subsequent demolishment of the iconic Spotty Dog roadhouse.

Today, a smaller version of the Spotty Dog stands in the same but vastly altered location outside PennyPinchers in Retreat. He once stood with a smaller pup by his side, which was unfortunately removed after a spout of vandalism. The pup now resides at the front door of the land owner’s offices.

Cape Town Spotty Dog

The Spotty Dog as it appears today.

Spotty Dog was quite the tourist attraction and landmark in his day. For an extremely interesting photo diary detailing the construction of the new Spotty Dog, visit this link. You can visit him yourself on the corner of Main Road and Honeywell Road in Retreat, Cape Town.

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