Infographic: Cape Town’s Tallest Buildings
January 31, 2014

Infographic: Cape Town's Tallest Buildings


In today’s infographic we take a look at the 10 tallest buildings in the city of Cape Town. Due to stringent height restrictions, the city has largely avoided vertical development. But this could be on the brink of changing, with the city’s new tallest building – Portside – currently under construction and due for completion in April. A few other towers are under construction as well, including The Mirage in De Waterkant and Roggebaai Square in the CBD. 22 Bree was recently completed in the CBD too. Yet others are being redeveloped, including Standard Bank Centre and 4 Dorp Street. Future developments that are in the pipeline include the CTICC expansion tower, Ducat Tower, Goldies, T-One and more.

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Galetti Knight Frank

Marketing Manager at Galetti Knight Frank

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