Rondebosch, Cape Town
July 31, 2018


Located in the southern suburbs Rondebosch lies nestled between Mowbray and Newlands. It was initially named ‘Het Ronde Doornbosjen’ and the name eventually evolved into Rondebosch (meaning round tree). Rondebosch boasts of beautiful views of Table Mountain and is currently home to numerous students and academics as it is within proximity to one university and two colleges.

Rondebosch is well located; it is accessible via the M4 and M5 freeways and is close to the Cape Town City Centre. Since it is home to many students, the student accommodation market is one which has boomed in this area. Due to the recent outcry by students over the student housing shortage, developers saw an opportunity here and jumped on it; thus, the fairly new sector of student accommodation. As a result, the number of developments for student accommodation has risen.

Due to the close proximity of this are to educational institutions, the rentals are high (which is what is attracting developers). The properties in this area also have very high values and are constantly in demand, as there was and still is (to a certain extent) a greater demand for than supply of properties, especially accommodation in this area. However, due to the number of recent developments in the area, the tables could soon turn.