Breaking the glass ceiling
August 8, 2019

Each year we see more and more powerful woman changing the commercial property game and cementing their positions in the corporate real estate sector. Not only are they effectively managing companies, spearheading big-ticket deals and driving PropTech startups, but they are also making a major impact on how the property industry develops.

The number of women in industrial deal making positions has substantially increased, bringing a unique approach to how the industrial sector is managed. Some of the most notable names in the industry at the moment are women, making waves in proptech data collection and analytics, real estate investments funds, smart buildings and more.

With 30% of our management positions (Head of Operations, Finance and Marketing) and 43% of the total company positions filled by females, we are confident that we are making big strides towards a more evenly weighted team where equal decision making, a balance of power and diversity of thought is promoted.

“What leaders in commercial real estate and all industries need to understand is that gender equality means economic growth. The way in which we treat women in the workplace is a key component to boosting not only our own industry’s success, but our entire economy. When women do well, we all do well.” - said Jana Turner, principal, RETS Associates and a former executive of a Fortune 500 CRE global company in a press release.


Marketing Manager at Galetti

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