Is WeWork the saviour for business owners?
August 21, 2019

WeWork has arrived in the country and could be the rescue that both owners of office buildings and their occupiers have been looking for.

The business, which initially started as a community workspace offering flexible co-working options to small business, quickly expanded to offer community-based workspaces to enterprise clients.

Who do we mean by enterprise clients though? The big guys. Clients like Citi Bank, FaceBook and other large occupiers.

For landlords, the WeWork demand for space is insatiable. With their first site secured in Rosebank, at 90% occupancy before the doors have opened, the company has quickly moved to take up more space with several additional sites being secured in quick succession.

For tenants looking to reduce their footprint in prime office buildings, WeWork has sought to take up space as they consolidate. Working with Galetti Corporate Real Estate, WeWork has been able to identify several of these opportunities where existing clients look to hand back their additional space to the willing occupier.

What makes WeWork so popular when there are several other flexible workspace providers offering a similar solution?

We believe it is both intelligent design as well as the community teams creating a very different work environment where companies are encouraged to collaborate in the “family”. Smart software helps companies to do this as well as use their space efficiently, leading to optimisation of both costs and long term strategy.

Have you ever experience WeWork?