Finding our Brand Purpose
November 20, 2019

A couple of weeks back our management team attended a marketing conference in JHB where Michael Baretta, the keynote speaker, addressed a room of entrepreneurs about finding their brand’s purpose and of maintaining a purpose-driven organization. The goal of a brand’s purpose is to unite internal cultures in the pursuit of making a tangible difference to the people and businesses we work with.

So, why do we do what we do?

When initially confronted with this question we kept landing back on what we do and how we do it. However, our why has to be so much more than the mechanical aspect of our daily working lives. Companies get lost in their pursuit to define themselves and they often get distracted with looking to their competitors, to the wider industry or to their clients to define their identity.

Simon Sinek, motivational speaker and organizational consultant, talks to the passion that is at the heart of success. “A purpose-driven organization is a simple idea. It’s an organization of people who show up for the same reason, who work together to achieve something and will sacrifice so that the others may make it. Those are the great organizations, those are the organizations and the people that change the world.”

At the most basic level, having a purpose is about having a reason to get out of bed every morning. At an elevated level, we need to understand what we want to achieve at the end of the day, what legacy we want to leave and how we can be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

For us, identifying our purpose was more about articulating our why as something we already believe in. We all know what unites us and drives our passion for corporate real estate but putting that into words was the challenge.

At the core of our business, we act as a bridge and help to connect our clients and their next step to success. Our client’s success can come in different formats, whether it’s realigning their current rentals to a market level allowing them to reinvest those savings into their business, finding them a better building and a more competitive position next to their competitors or simply using our market knowledge and data to guide them on better real estate decisions so they can re-focus their attention on running their business.

Our why is being a part of our client’s success as that means success for us at the end of the day. Our why is also being a part of something bigger than us – improving our client’s real estate position has a positive impact on the trajectory of business for the duration of their stay.

We also can’t run a purpose-driven organization without focusing on our core values that we as a company collectively believe in.

Innovation, Culture of urgency, Teamwork, Transparency, Integrity, Communication, Relentless Improvement and Discipline.

So, when the exercise is done, and we’ve managed to simply articulate our why and put it on paper, together with our values, we realize what we have at Galetti. We’ve got a team of purpose-driven, trustworthy individuals looking to propel our client’s success and give their businesses the best chance to thrive in a tough market because at the end of the day, our client’s success is our success.


Marketing Manager at Galetti

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