Integrating Generation Z into a Corporate Real Estate Workforce
February 13, 2020

Generation Z is here, and most companies are paying close attention. Born after 1997, these 20-something’s will make up a large part of the world’s workforce by 2030 and they’re vastly different from the generations before them.

While companies spent much of their time catering to and learning more about Millennials over the past few decades, Generation Z gives rise to fresh energy in the workplace. According to they’re self-starting, self-aware and more realistic than Millennials.

“There’s no doubt that this generation needs to have thick skin. In these tough economic conditions, this savvy generation will need to be more self-sufficient and will undoubtedly bring massive change to the workplace. We’ve seen our own team rising to the current economic challenges with more of a determination than previous generations would have been able to handle.” – Clint Marais, Galetti Western Cape Head of Broking.

Meet Generation Z

So, what’s all the fuss about? Well, the generations that now make up a large part of our workforce have a lot of sway in how businesses run today. Gone are the days of a structured 9 to 5, cubicle style workspaces, things are shifting and we understand that keeping up is the key to boosting your company’s productivity. And not adapting means being left behind!

We’ve sat with our team and compiled five need-to-knows’ to ensure that your business is equipped to manage this exciting transition.

  1. 1.    Purpose vs. Security

While Millennials were largely driven by purpose and looking for deeper meaning, Generation Z needs security and stability. With so much change in the world today, they’re looking for ‘futureproof’ jobs. They want to succeed, evolve and most importantly, be secure – something any generation can appreciate. They’ve watched previous generations struggle with debts and they want to break the cycle. also noted that this particular generation is extremely competitive.

  1. 2.    Balance not Burnout

Generation Z is hell bent on work-life balance. This once again ties into their need for security and knowing that they can achieve what is expected from them within reasonable timeframes. Catering to their needs through innovative office spaces that offer breakaway areas, fun activities and are located in convenient, bustling areas goes a long way to ensuring a content Generation Z. Our move to Melrose Arch and designing an office space that caters for these needs was primary to adapting to our changing workforce. With this in mind, we know we will see a continuous surge in co-working and multi-purpose developments to accommodate this generation.

  1. 3.    Mentorship… More than Ever

With their competitive streak at play, this generation wants to excel… quickly! They don’t want to wait around for annual reviews, they want constant support, open lines of communication, ample nurturing and collaboration in the workplace. With the world advancing at a rapid pace, they know that there is no time to waste. They’re savvy and can process information quickly and easily. We’ve worked hard to ensure that the flat and open structure between our various teams creates an environment for collaboration and that we benefit from everyone’s market knowledge and experience.

  1. 4.    Brush up on your Tech

It’s no secret that this generation will put us all to shame in the years to come. They will be responsible for rapid innovation and are used to working with technology from a young age. Naturally, they know that some of the world will be out of jobs in the years to come because of tech innovation and they want to stay ahead of the curve by carving out a space for themselves now. In the Corporate Real Estate world, we’ve got no time to waste and know that a tech support offering is vital to the survival of our business. Our data management system has been specifically designed to not only track key trends in the industry but support our consultants by automating most of the previously manually-managed data which will drastically streamline processes and allow our teams to focus on more important jobs.

  1. 5.    Workspaces that Work for Generation Z

More than ever before, we expect to see a huge demand for co-working and multi-purpose developments amongst this generation as they further influence the working world as we know it. This does not mean that traditional office spaces will fall away but we will see a strong movement towards flexible spaces where Generation Z’s needs are being catered for.



Marketing Manager at Galetti

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