• Acclimatising to the New Normal

    Social 0 Comments May 19, 2020

    According to the Department of Labour, only 60% of businesses are compliant with Covid-19 regulations. Are you prepared? Our everyday reality has changed, and companies are working around the clock to implement important new health and safety measures in the workplace. Preparing for and most importantly, acclimatising, to the new normal will be critical to

  • zoom

    For those of us who have not done it before, working from home has been an adjustment, to say the least. While there are major benefits, there are almost as many challenges. Conducting your everyday interactions, strategy discussions, team meetings, client meetings, etc. through a screen has been the most unnatural of all challenges. False

  • Lockdown Regulations

    Want to know what you can and can’t do on each level? Click the below link and filter by province, area, activity, and level to find out. https://www.lockdownbozza.co.za/home