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    Considering the instability of last year’s economic landscape, through-the-roof unemployment, the darkest hours of load shedding so far, decreased international and local confidence and the looming downgrade rating knocking on 2020’s door – the lucky ones sitting at the top of SA’s richest were relatively unharmed. However, when it comes to comparing SA’s richest to

  • Festive

    Things to keep in mind As the festive season fast approaches, most companies are looking forward to the downtime and a well-deserved break. However, some may see this “cooling down” period as the perfect time to either stay or go and relocate to new and better premises. Moving over the holidays requires precise planning. The

  • Finding our Brand Purpose

    Culture, Social 0 Comments November 20, 2019
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    A couple of weeks back our management team attended a marketing conference in JHB where Michael Baretta, the keynote speaker, addressed a room of entrepreneurs about finding their brand’s purpose and of maintaining a purpose-driven organization. The goal of a brand’s purpose is to unite internal cultures in the pursuit of making a tangible difference