• An Unexpected Outlier

    Industrial real estate is in high demand, here’s why.  The commerical real estate industry has welcomed a positive upturn since level 3 of lockdown. One particular sector that is making waves and has seen a noticeable spike in activity over this period is undoubtedly industrial real estate.   Why the Move to Industrial Real Estate?

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    Our team recently attended an online seminar hosted by WeWork which looked to unearth the future of co-working spaces and the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) industry as it stands. There is no denying the historical volatility in the CRE industry over the last few decades. Because of this, we have become accustomed to predicting and

  • Acclimatising to the New Normal

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    According to the Department of Labour, only 60% of businesses are compliant with Covid-19 regulations. Are you prepared? Our everyday reality has changed, and companies are working around the clock to implement important new health and safety measures in the workplace. Preparing for and most importantly, acclimatising, to the new normal will be critical to

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    For those of us who have not done it before, working from home has been an adjustment, to say the least. While there are major benefits, there are almost as many challenges. Conducting your everyday interactions, strategy discussions, team meetings, client meetings, etc. through a screen has been the most unnatural of all challenges. False

  • Lockdown Regulations

    Want to know what you can and can’t do on each level? Click the below link and filter by province, area, activity, and level to find out. https://www.lockdownbozza.co.za/home

  • Feels the pressure

    The approved proposal by government will see 40% of South Africa’s workforce working both remotely and on-site from 01 May as part of a risk-adjusted strategy. While the government has been commended for their exemplary work during this time of crisis, many businesses and industries are up in arms. The timeline for phasing is currently

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    Twelve days into lockdown and John Jack, CEO of Galetti Corporate Real Estate says that just under 50% of its clients have requested financial relief in the form of a structured payment holiday from their landlord. Offices across South Africa are now bare, and companies are scrambling to save on costs and reduce overheads. Financial

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    Thoughts by Galetti Corporate Real Estate CEO, John Jack Mass hysteria has set in and it will have a profound effect on the economy in the second and third quarter of this year. As consumers flock to the shops and prepare for the worst, we hope that some financial relief in the form of payment

  • COVID-19

    Social 0 Comments March 16, 2020

    To our wider Galetti clients and friends, The health and safety of the people around us is our top priority. In support of our President’s efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve of outbreaks, we will be taking every precaution over the next few weeks to ensure our teams, our clients

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    Generation Z is here, and most companies are paying close attention. Born after 1997, these 20-something’s will make up a large part of the world’s workforce by 2030 and they’re vastly different from the generations before them. While companies spent much of their time catering to and learning more about Millennials over the past few