Investment Property

Thanks to a large team of brokers who specialise in finding the very best investment property in South Africa, Galetti is ideally equipped to help you reap the rewards of buy to let, holiday rental and various other types of property for short or long term investment. Whether you are planning ahead for your retirement, aiming to grow your property portfolio or venturing into the rewarding waters of this investment option, we are here to help you find the best returns on your property assets. Through firm relationships that our brokers have nurtured with landlords, funds, property owners and developers, we are able to stay ahead of the rest, ensuring that you are kept updated on brand new developments and opportunities at all times. This includes properties that have been previously off the market as well as upcoming developments that are in the pipeline for construction.

Because we understand that investment property is a constantly evolving market, our brokers work tirelessly to research key opportunities for property across the country – from commercial spaces to retail space, office units, industrial properties and plenty more besides. With the growth in commercial space as an investment option, this puts you in the ideal position to find viable investments that have an excellent return.

Buy or Sell Investment Properties in South Africa

If you are an owner or buyer of investment properties in South Africa, look no further than Galetti’s wide range of properties that offer excellent ROI on your investment. Many of our listings are unique to our company, and they cover provinces such as the economic juggernaut of Gauteng, the bustling Western Cape and sunny Kwa-Zulu Natal.

With extensive knowledge and experience in this often challenging market, we help to determine your requirements, assisting you in finding an investment that will suit your needs. Email us or give us a call, and one of our experienced brokers will give you all of the information that you will require to set the ball rolling. If you would prefer to browse through our listings yourself, use the handy search tool on our homepage to search specific properties, or browse by property type to view available listings in your area. You will then have the option to directly inquire on individual parcels of land or properties that may suit your needs.

Please bear in mind that our database is far more extensive than merely the listings available on our website. If we haven’t listed your first choice on our website, give us a call and we might have just the right investment property in South Africa to suit your needs.