Kwazulu Natal Property To Let & For Sale

KwaZulu-Natal is situated along South Africa’s east coast. Its capital city is Pietermaritzburg, which is one of the largest nodes in the province, but its largest city by far is the city of Durban. Durban is home to Africa’s biggest port, and due to its close proximity to the province of Gauteng, most of the goods destined for Gauteng pass through there. As a result, Durban has a thriving industrial scene, particularly in the logistics sector.

The Port of Durban is soon set to expand massively, which is expected to further spur economic, and particularly industrial development in the city. But the city also has a fast-growing office sector, housing the head offices of many industrial-focussed companies. Umhlanga has emerged as the area of choice for the regional offices of large corporates over the past 10 years.

KwaZulu-Natal also benefits from its proximity to Gauteng in that it has become the country’s hub of domestic tourism. Its well-developed beachfront area, which was recently the target of a massive investment scheme, is a major drawcard for visitors. Over the next decade the Point Waterfront area is expected to attract many new developments, including office spaces, hotels, apartments and retail facilities.