Retail Property

Comprising shops, shopping complexes, malls, strip malls and various other related premises, retail property in South Africa includes a wide range of accessible, well-located spaces in key shopping zones within the Western Cape, Gauteng, Pretoria, Kwazulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape. Retail space varies in its size and characteristics, with a number of different options available depending on the needs of retail businesses who are seeking centrally located shops for their products.

Our experienced team will ensure you find the right retail property to suit your needs, while taking special note of the zoning requirements of your business. The type of premises being sought will play a big role in where the ideal space will be found. As an example, a business specialising in wholesale bathroom fittings may find that a factory style space in a light industrial area will be more beneficial than a tiny shop in the heart of the CBD.

We are able to answer all your zoning questions, and present various options to suit your needs.

Buying or Renting?

Perhaps you’re looking for a small store in the Cape Town CBD to house your new coffee shop or designer boutique store? Maybe you’re looking to rent prime space at a popular Sandton shopping centre? Whatever you are seeking, Galetti is here to help. We have vast experience with placing smaller, tailored retail offerings in a variety of spaces and suburbs across South Africa.

We also cater to the needs of those seeking larger premises such as supermarkets, shopping centres, strip malls and factory shops. We have extensive experience working with big-name national retailers as well as smaller retail clients. We have sourced retail property amounting to tens of thousands of square metres for highly recognisable brands that have all placed their trust in the Galetti name. Our promise to you is to put this experience to good use in finding you a space to suit your requirements. Our retail property stock extends from stores in major regional shopping centres – a favourite among many South Africans – to stand-alone stores.

Whatever your retail property requirements, let us help you find the perfect property in South Africa that suits your budget, market location and requirements.